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jeremydavid.com is now jpony.com!

The new site for Jeremy David’s, I mean my – errr – your adventures is www.jpony.com!

Why the new domain name?

Good question. During the summer I came up with a really good idea for a website: an online adventure where people all over the world literally choose a real person’s adventures and he acts them out. That person is me… and you are one of the adventure choosers. Foolishly, I kept changing my mind about the site, changing things around, doing new things, and now it is a mess. This site is so chaotic, random, and hard to navigate that I want to start with a fresh start… and I think using my name as the domain name is a little egocentric.

I know all the “search engine optimization” people out there have all sorts of warnings about switching over to a new domain, and I probably should stick with one and build up google search engine optimization or whatever. But honestly… who is going to be searching for a site where you can choose someone’s adventures? I’m excited about this fresh start, and by the time I leave on our journey, I am confident I’ll have earned some google love.

I needed to do this to stay focused, and this new site is going to accomplish that by having separate pages link off of the main page: my blog, my radio show… and as I add new things and improve the site, all of those features will be seperate.

Oh, yes… I have not answered why I chose the name “JPONY”. Well… it’s actually an inside joke and when I try to explain it, it doesn’t work. Just think of it as a, well, bizarre nickname that no one actually calls me but everyone knows about.

So yes, all rss subscribers, please move over to http://feeds.feedburner.com/choosemyadventure


Jeremy David – www.jpony.com

Good News and Bad News.

I have some good news and bad news.

The good news is that I had an awesome time at my SNL party on Friday, I got caught up on all my reading for school, I ate copious amounts of popcorn, and I’m almost done updating my site.

The bad news is that it is past 12:00 right now, I have to get up at 6:30, and I do not have time to do my SNL story any justice… I knew I shouldn’t have watched American Idol Grease – Your The One That I want. It’s not only the most terrible slash awkward show in the world, but it consumed 2 hours of my life that would have been better spent updating this site. Grrrrr. I probably should have asked you if I was allowed to watch it. Don’t worry – I’m going to make sure that the new site is more interactive that way.


I work all day and have a 4 hour board meeting tonight (Monday) *shudder*, so I am going to try to launch the new site on Wednesday. I’m very excited about it. Sorry about the delay!

My roommate bought a Nintendo Wii

My roommate bought a Nintendo Wii yesterday and – coming from a non video gamer – it is a remarkable machine. The system is interactive and revolutionary. If you are unaware, instead of the traditional video game controller, this device has a nun-chuck type device that senses your movement so you interact with the system by physically moving the controller around (and pressing buttons). You become a part of the game; it is simply astonishing.

I cannot imagine myself sitting at home playing video games on a Friday night… but the idea of inviting a bunch of people over to bowl (likely with alcohol involved) is exciting. Very exciting. I am concerned that I am going to start spending a considerable amount of time playing video games. Ha ha, please don’t let me.

You may have noticed I haven’t changed the layout of my site in the last few days. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I am working on something new. There was a domain name I had my eye on for a few years and it finally became available, so I bought it. On Monday I am going to re-launch this site on that domain, and organize it better. Way better. This site is confusing.

Don’t worry. I’m not changing the idea behind this website again. Actually, I’m going to use this new domain to focus in on the choose my adventure component of this site. A re-launch that will keep me true to my original ambitions.

Stay tuned.

Choose My Radio Show

Hey everyone!

Just as a follow up to yesterday’s post. I get to host a radio show on CFUV, a campus community radio station that broadcasts in Victoria, BC. It is also cast live over the Internet. Pretty exciting! If it goes well, I will consider turning it into a podcast.

There are some legal restrictions to the show (I have to play a certain amount of Canadian content, etc.) and the station doesn’t allow mainstream music… but anything else is fair game. The radio show is your radio show, so have fun with it. Send me some ideas for music / content. If you know any groups that want exposure, let me know. This show is going to start small, and get big!

Oh, and it needs a name. Any suggestions?

Choose The Name Of Our New Radio Show!


Wow, I look really short in this picture (I’m actually 6′2”). Oh well.

As promised, here is a summary of my weekend adventures at the BC Canadian Federation of Students AGM: I ate copious amounts of food, went to copious amounts of meetings, drank, and slept. I also bought a book on Yoga and Thai Chi – let’s see how quickly I give up on that initiative. The meeting I went to in Ottawa was a little bit more exciting, but whatever. On to more pressing matters…

We now have a radio show! Yay! The show is going to highlight the adventures you send me on, in between a mix of cancon (Canadian Content) rock / electronica, and independent artists from around the world. If you know any decent groups on MySpace, let me know. They’ll have the opportunity to be on the radio, which is really cool. The show is going to be 30 minutes long and bi-weekly at first, and if it works out, it will get extended to an hour every week. Tell your friends about their chance to be a radio star. I really hope this works out!

The show needs a name… so choose the name of our radio show! Leave ideas in the comments, or email me. I’ll put up the poll tomorrow!

Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Celebration!

I’m doing the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox again! Check it out at my new backpacking adventure blog!

A few weeks ago I broke one of my new years resolutions – cutting out all junk food (deep fried foods, muffins, candy, etc.) for at least a month.

It started off not too bad: I had some dark chocolate. Unfortunately, I inevitably spiraled out of control form there. I reached my pinnacle of badness this weekend when I ate a deep fried chocolate bar… after drinking a substantial amount of beer. It was probably the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten. The only reason I ate it was because I rarely have the opportunity to eat the most unhealthy food in the world… ha ha, funny how I justify it to myself that way.
Anyway. What is the remedy to this situation? A cleanse. I am not not signing myself up for the master cleanse again (nothing but lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup for 10 days), but I am going to do the Wild Rose D-Tox Cleanse. It consists of eating special pills and basically nothing else but almonds, rice, and specific vegetables. I will keep you updated throughout the week.

I guess I will be drinking Gin and water on Friday’s SNL party… in a blue spandex body suit if I can find it. Otherwise, I’ll have to fashion myself a conehead headpiece. Thanks for voting!

Any ideas for future adventures (something for next weekend)? Suggest them! Tomorrow I will update you on my Canadian Federation of Students Adventures that occurred this weekend. I’ll let you in on a little secret – they weren’t very exciting.

Ze Frank

Dear Ze Frank,

I was on a date a few months ago and my ex love interest said “of everyone I’ve ever met up with, you are second best.” Ha ha, someone’s complementation skills need improving. Urgently.

However, I thought I would tell you that of every video blog I’ve ever watched, yours is second best. Now realistically, being the second best of thousands of video blogs isn’t all that bad. But of course, I’m sure you are wondering which is my first.

All I’ll tell you is that I’ve sent them fan mail before, and have yet to receive a response. I get the impression they are too good for me. Le sigh. Who needs them anyway.

I was thinking I should adopt some sort of mascot. Obviously ducks are taken. Any suggestions?

Hugs and ponies,

Jeremy David

Manic Jeremy Strikes Again!


Jeremy, I think making part of your blog into a travel-info website will be a great idea. As a young traveler myself, I’ve had trouble finding quality information. But please don’t get distracted from your purpose. The Choose Jeremy’s Adventure theme is too cool and unique. You can’t lose your unique selling point!

Perhaps you should set-up a separate blog/website for the travel info, and just link them together? Then you can do both without diluting the message of either.


Would prefer more choose your adventure and less travel planning advice. I think you were really doing something socially intriguing when you started the CYA theme. Just my 2 cents.

I have received several other emails and a rather large drop in my RSS feed subscriptions, so I am starting to get the message that another backpacking travel guide / site is not what people are interested in… I thought since I am going to be doing a lot of research on traveling that it would make sense to include it here, but I’ll keep jeremydavid.com focused on the choose my adventure theme. It’s the main purpose of this site, so I’ll conglomerate the travel stuff into my wiki. This blog is certainly a great learning experience for me – thank you all so much for sticking with me!

Again, sorry for the manic direction shifting. The reason I keep switching around the day-to-day content on this website is because I want to deliver something consistent. Since I am not heading out on my grand adventure for about 7 months, I keep asking myself what I would post until then. I am going to stick with what many of you have suggested and only focus on adventures. In the long run I know it will serve me, and you, best.

So without further adieu, please give me suggestions for a Saturday Night Live theme party I am going to next Friday. Or if you have any ideas for other random adventures, send them my way.

Oh, and you may notice the ads on the left side of this page. It is not a service that makes me any money – rather, its an open source advertising network that lets sites advertise for free. I thought I would try it out for a bit and see if it directs traffic my way.

One more thing: I found a new poll plugin that lets me incorporate polls into posts! This will certainly be a useful feature for this site.


How to choose your travel destination.

Palm Tree

First things first, I personally am under the belief that the best adventures are not planned. I am not a big fan of detailed itineraries, and I’m sure that the best parts of your trip will be random outings with people you meet along the way. A flexible traveler is a happy traveler! Of course, you need to choose your broad destination: South East Asia, Australia, Europe, etc. But I wouldn’t recommend planning every step of the way. See where your trip takes you. I wouldn’t even suggest buying a return ticket if you don’t have to (or make sure you can change your return date) – flexibility is a necessary component of a grand adventure.

Before you do any planning, ask yourself why you want to travel. Do you want to experience the world / broaden your horizons? Do your friends want to travel and you want to tag along? Have you heard of a place that you think would be amazing, or is there some place you have wanted to see your entire life? What kind of trip are you looking for – an all inclusive resort, a shoestring backpacking adventure, or something in between? Browse the Internet, check out some travel guides, and see what interests you. Obviously, all of these these lead to very different experiences. A trip to a bookstore is a great way to get some inspiration.

You need to decide if you want to travel with your friends or by yourself. Personally, I wouldn’t suggest going to an all inclusive resort by yourself. It’s going to be a pretty expensive experience, and it would be way more fun with friend since you will only be there for a week or two. In terms of backpacking, I am really excited to go solo. That’s not to say double teaming a trip is taboo – two of my best friends recently came back from trip to South East Asia and had the best times of their lives. With the right friend, group traveling can be amazing.

Take some time, think about why you want to travel, and I’ll continue on this subject tomorrow.

A flexible traveler is a happy traveler
Take some time and reflect on why you want to go traveling

Synthetic Clothes Investigation (Nylon + Spandex vs. Polyester)


I thought since I am going to be living out of my backpack for a year it might be wise to invest in some new clothes – but I’m having a bit of a dilemma. Should I wear synthetic materials, or natural fibers?

I think synthetic materials’ drying attributes would be ideal for my adventure, since my clothes will be washed in sinks and hung to dry. However, before I go out and spend $500 on new clothes, I am going to do several experiments and trial runs. Here goes my first attempt at investigative blogging.

I purchased two pairs of boxers this weekend. The black ones – 95% Nylon / 5% spandex ($12) , and the green grey ones – 100% polyester ($23). I am going to rigorously test them: stiarmaster in them, sleep in them… switching every day and washing them at night in a sink. I’ll let you know how it turns out next week.

I’m really excited about the new direction of this blog, and I encourage you to contact me (or leave comments). Send me on some adventures, or submit ideas for stories… Whatever you want, I’m listening.